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Beatriz Lagunas

Posted by | February 28, 2021


Beatriz Lagunas

Job Title:

Postdoctoral research fellow



Google Scholar Profile


My research interests are on the area of plant sciences and focused in sustainable agriculture. I want to help developing strategies that can contribute to minimise human impact on planetary boundaries, such as decreasing agricultural derived CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

My latest job as a Senior Research Technician working on nodulation allowed me to discover the possibility of using beneficial microbes to provide nutrients to plants. Now, as a postdoctoral research fellow, I am continuing this work by understanding the molecular strategies that underlie efficient nitrogen fixation symbiosis and their perseverance in natural soil with the goal of using this knowledge to improve plant production through rhizobial symbioses.

Research Areas:

  • Nitrogen fixation efficiency

Current N-related Projects:

  • An N-fix in time: circadian control of nodulation
  • Capturing nitrogen fixation efficiency to sustain plant productivity


N-related publications:

  1. Walker L, Lagunas B, Gifford ML. “Determinants of host range specificity in legume-rhizobia symbiosis”. Walker L, Lagunas B, Gifford ML. “Determinants of host range specificity in legume-rhizobia symbiosis”. 2020 Nov 27;11:585749. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.585749.
  2. Roy P, Achom M, Wilkinson H, Lagunas B, Gifford ML. “Symbiotic efficiency enabled by diversification… from 7 to 700 Nodule specific Cysteine Rich peptides”. Genes (Basel). 2020;11(4):E348. doi: 10.3390/genes11040348.
  3. Lagunas B, Dodd IC, Gifford ML. A nodemap to sustainable maize roots: towards getting more nitrogen out of soil. J Exp Bot 2019 Oct 15;70(19):5036-5039. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erz315. (Corresponding author).
  4. Lagunas B*, Achom M*, Bonyadi-Pour* R, Pardal AJ*, Richmond B, Sergaki C, Vazquez S, Ott S, Schäfer P, Hammond J and Gifford ML. “Regulation of resource partitioning coordinates nitrogen and rhizobia responses and nodule development         in         the       legume            Medicago          truncatula”.     2019. Molecular Plant
  5. Lagunas, B., Schäfer, Patrick, Gifford, Miriam L.. 2015. Housing helpful invaders: the evolutionary and molecular architecture underlying plant root-mutualist microbe interactions. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (8), pp. 2177-2186

Scientific positions:

BBSRC Research Fellow (2016-ongoing)

Senior Research Technician (2014-2016)


DPhil, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, EEAD-CSIC and University of Zaragoza, 2014.

MSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Zaragoza, 2008.

BSc Biochemistry [5yr; 3yr chemistry+ 2yr Biochemistry], University of Zaragoza, 2007.

Scientific memberships:

Society for Experimental Biology

Royal Society of Biology