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Craig Wood

Posted by | March 13, 2021


Craig Wood

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Principle Investigator


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Craig is plant metabolic engineer spanning gene discovery, multistep pathway assemblies and deployment of GM crops into the field. Craig has developed world leading capabilities in plant synthetic biology including high throughput metabolic pathway engineering in plants in the model plant Nicotiana benthamiana, and the crops of safflower and canola. Craig has published in plant sciences in areas such as nitrogen fixation, ammonia transport processes, flowering time control, genome sequencing, plant tissue techniques and in the use of combinatorial metabolic engineering to rapidly assemble new pathways in oil synthesis and nitrogenase engineering.

Craig studied agriculture at high school, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (University of Sydney). He has postdoctoral experience in Oxford and Berlin before moving to CSIRO situated in Canberra.

Craig has supervised 2 PhD students, Dr Fatima Naim (Using viral suppressor proteins to improve performance of transgenic traits) and Dr Darren Cullerne (Genetics of vernalisation in safflower).

Craig is currently leading a team on engineering bacterial nitrogenase directly in plant cells. Craig is always looking for talented new team members

Research Areas:

  • Synthetic biology of plants

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