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Feng Feng

Posted by | February 28, 2021


Feng Feng

Job Title:

Assistant Professor


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I received my PhD. in plant biology at Tsinghua University in China, 2012. My Ph.D. dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Jian-Min Zhou revealed the molecular mechanisms of pathogenic bacterial type III effector AvrAC and its role in regulating plant immunity signaling. During my postdoc in Dr. Giles Oldroyd group at John Innes Centre and University of Cambridge, I re-directed my research effort to plant symbiotic signaling. My project was mainly focused on understanding how plants recognize signaling molecules from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing rhizobia to establish symbiotic relationships.
Plant roots associate with a range of mutualistic microbes and pathogenic microbes at the same time in nature, to establish these associations, plants have to make the decision to either attraction of symbionts or restriction of pathogens. I strive to understand how plants make that decision and how that decision shapes rhizosphere associations.

Research Areas:

  • Plant immunity signalling
  • Plant symbiosis signalling

Current N-related Projects:

  • ENSA


Bozsóki, Z#, Cheng, J#, Feng, F#, Gysel, K., Andersen K. R., Oldroyd, G., Blaise, M., Radutoiu, S. and Stougaard, J. Receptor mediated chitin perception in legumes is functionally separable from Nod factor perception. PNAS, 14(38):E8118-E8127. (# Co-first author)