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FERTINNOWA: Transfer of INNOvative techniques for sustainable WAter use in FERtigated crops

Posted by | February 21, 2021

Coordinators: Els Berckmoes and Raf De Vis

Associated with:

  • Proefstation Voor De Groenteteelt (PSKW, Belgium) Coordinator
  • Association Provençale De Recherche et d’Experimentation Legumiere (APREL, France)
  • Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX, Spain)
  • Centro di Sperimentazione ed Assistenza Agricola (CERSAA, Italy)
  • Centrum Doradztwa Rolniczego W Brwinowie (CDR, Poland)
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Angewandten Forschung Ev (Fraunhofer, Germany)
  • Fundacion Cajamar (FC, Spain)
  • Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria y Pesquera (IFAPA, Spain)
  • Instituto Navarro de Tecnologias e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias SA (INTIA,,Spain)
  • Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA, Spain)
  • Kmetijsko Gozdarska Zbornika Slovenije Kmetijsko Gozdarski Zavod Maribor (CAFS, Slovenia)
  • Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO, Netherlands)
  • NIAB EMR (United Kingdom). – Optima Agrik PTY LTD (OA, Sud-Africa) – PRIVA BV (United Kingdom)
  • Proefcentrum Hoogstraten (PCH, Belgium)
  • Proefcentrum Voor Sierteelt (PCS, Belgium)
  • Provinciaal Proefcentrum voor de Groenteteelt (PCG, Holland) – Research Institute of Horticulture (IO, Poland)
  • Station Expérimentale Du Caté (CATE, France)
  • Stichting Proeftuin Zwaagdijk (ZW, Netherlands)
  • The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB, United Kingdom)
  • Universidad de Almeria (UAL, Spain)

Project Summary:

The main objective of the FERTINNOWA thematic network is to create a meta-knowledge database of innovative technologies and practices for the fertigation of horticultural crops. FERTINNOWA will also build a knowledge exchange platform to evaluate existing and novel technologies (innovation potential, synergies, gaps, barriers) for fertigated crops and ensure wide dissemination to all stakeholders involved of the most promising technologies and best practices.
A multi-actor integrated approach will be used through the FERTINNOWA platform which will involve various stakeholders (researchers, growers, policy-makers, industry, environmental groups etc.) at several levels including the socio-economic and regulatory level (national and European) with a special focus on the EU Water Framework Directive and Nitrate Directive. Information will be gathered at national level to feed a European benchmark study that will evaluate and compare existing technologies used at various horticulture sectors, including vegetables, fruit and ornamentals in different climate zones.

All tools, databases and other resources generated will be shared within the consortium and the stakeholders’ group and will be made available to the broader scientific community, policy-makers, the industry and the public at large. FERTINNOWA will help the growers to implement innovative technologies in order to optimize water and nutrient use efficiency thus reducing the environmental impact.