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Katy Heath

Posted by | February 28, 2021


Katy Heath

Job Title:

Assistant Professor


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I am studying legume-rhizobium mutualism as a model for mutualism evolution and its response to anthropogenic global change. In our work, we want to discover the symbiosis loci in both host and rhizobium that underlie natural genetic variation in mutualism benefits, understand how those loci coevolve with leguminous host plants, and better predict how these interactions respond ecologically and evolutionarily to changing environments (particularly N fertilization). We have worked mostly with Medicago truncatula/Sinorhizobium, Trifolium species/Rhizobium, and Chamaecrista fasciculata to date.

Research Areas:

  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Genetics

Current N-related Projects:

  • Evolutionary response of rhizobium partner quality to N fertilization


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