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Luis Rubio

Posted by | March 13, 2021


Luis Rubio

Job Title:

Associate Professor


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My scientific career has focused on the study of molybdozymes and their applications. PhD by the University of Seville-CSIC in 1999 with a study of nitrate assimilation in cyanobacteria, I moved as a postdoctoral researcher to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I began to work with Paul Ludden on nitrogenase assembly. As a career researcher at the University of California-Berkeley, I co-directed for 6 years the research of a leading laboratory in nitrogenase biosynthesis. I returned to Europe in 2008 thanks to an ERC Starting Grant. At the moment I am Associate Professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Deputy Director of the Center for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology. We have recently performed bioengineering of a nitrogenase component in yeast providing technology and key concepts for the development of other nitrogen-fixing organisms, including cultivated plants. The following is a list of some contributions from my group:

• Complete in vitro synthesis of FeMo-co from atomic constituents with purified proteins (2007).
• Demonstration that an [Fe-S] cluster functions in the sequestration and trafficking of Mo, thereby uncovering a previously unknown role for [Fe-S] clusters in biology (2008).
• Elucidation of the in vivo concentration and changes over time of all nitrogenase biosynthetic proteins (2014).
• Detailed characterization of NifB and its product NifB-co, essential to all nitrogenases (2016).
• Development of a high-throughput screen for H2-overproducing variants of nitrogenase (2016).
• First expression of the active form of an oxygen-sensitive protein component of nitrogenase in an aerobic eukaryote (2016).

Research Areas:

  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Metalloenzymes

Current N-related Projects:

  • BNF-Cereals
  • Biotechnological Applications of Nitrogenase


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