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Wim de Vries

Posted by | March 13, 2021


Professor Wim de Vries

Job Title:

Professor Integrated nutrient impact modelling


Phone Number:

+31 317-486514


Google Scholar Profile


Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim de Vries is a principal research scientist at Wageningen University and Research in the field of soil chemistry with special reference to soil acidification, nutrient cycling, greenhouse gas emissions and heavy metal pollution. He is also professor at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group of Wageningen University where he holds the chair “Integrated nutrient impact modelling”. His research is organized around impacts of the elevated use of nutrients in agriculture on soil and water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, productivity and plant species diversity of terrestrial ecosystems and related critical loads.
He is component leader of a global scale GEF/UNEP funded Integrated project entitled “Towards an International Nitrogen Management System” (‘Towards INMS’) with 72 participating institutes (2016-present).

Research Areas:

  • Modelling nitrogen and phosphorous cycling through agricultural systems
  • Ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Impacts of nitrogen inputs on soil acidification
  • Impacts of nutrient deposition on carbon sequestration, plant species diversity

Current N-related Projects:

  • Fate of nitrogen, phosphorus and metals and impacts on food, soil and water quality (EEA)
  • Assessment of spatially explicit needed and critical input levels of nitrogen in agriculture within EU-27 (Fertilizers Europe)
  • Global & regional quantification of N use, flows, impacts & benefits of practices (GEF, towards INMS)
  • Options for closing mineral imbalances in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in Dutch agriculture (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Role of slow release fertilizers in reducing negative impacts of nitrogen deposition on Dutch oak forests (Dutch Nature organisations)
  • Developing a guidance system for the sustainable harvest of forests in view of nutrient balances (Dutch forestry organisations)



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